What is WRONG with People?

For those of you unaware, Western Michigan got hit with one hell of a blizzard yesterday. So bad, in fact, I considered calling in to work. I didn’t, but I seriously contemplated it. In the end, my need for cash won out, and I just drove really, really slow. It took me over 40 minutes to drive 10 miles, when I can normally get there in under 20 minutes. Yeah, bad. So I go to work, expecting it to be a ghost town, and there are people shopping! And not just “oh crap, we’re gonna get snowed in, we need toilet paper!” shopping; they brought the kids out, and were buying random, completely non-essential crap. I wanted to grab them and shake them; “I know why I’m here, but why in the HELL are you here?” And they didn’t even bother bundling up; I saw so many children without hats or mittens or scarves. The police advised everyone to stay off the roads unless it was emergency; the shopping malls closed EARLY (on a SATURDAY), and these people felt the need to go shopping?

In a separate rant, I really dislike people who haggle. Haggling has it’s place, but not generally in retail. The prices are posted for a reason. Sometimes the prices change, but the price of certain items never changes. So don’t try to convince me that a $4.99 item is really $3.99; read the sign. Oh, and after I have someone fetch the sign to PROVE the price, and you decide you don’t want the item because it’s too expensive, please don’t pay for your $20 order with a $100 bill. It just makes you look cheap, and pisses me off.

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