I have a Wii!

So finally, I have a Wii. I was slightly off on the “Wiis are coming in on the 19th” aspect, though – they arrived at the DEPOT on the 19th, and we got them in Friday night, for Saturday. And I was almost right about them not lasting the day – I sold what APPEARED to be the last Wii at around 2:30pm. Someone had stashed another Wii by the towels, though, and we didn’t discover THAT one until almost closing. So there is still one Wii left!

This evening, of course, was spent setting up the Wii, making our Miis, and playing a little Wii Bowling. I still beat Matt, by a much smaller margin this time though. After that, I added the Wii to my wireless network, and let it update. This also means I need to get Wii codes from my friends out there with Wiis!

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