Video Game Indecision

After playing Wii Bowling on Ogg’s Wii Sunday afternoon (and kicking Matt’s butt 🙂 ) I’ve decided I really, really want a Wii. I already sorta wanted one, and of course Matt isn’t going to protest to me buying a video game system. So I checked at work, and apparently we have 24 coming in on the 19th. That’s TOMORROW. Holy crap. This would be the third time we’ve had them in, ever, including Launch Day. And if past experience is any judge, they won’t last the day. That’s right, we’ve had PS3s for over a week, and we’ve sold maybe one or two of the 24 we likely got in, but 24 Wiis won’t likely last the day. So, clearly, I WANT one of those Wiis. But the logical part of my brain is saying “Wait Carrie – you have a GameCube and DS Lite and Matt’s PS2. You have X-Men Legends (1 and 2), Animal Crossing, FFXII and Xenosaga III all fighting for playtime. Should you really get another system?” And let’s not forget that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl are released for the DS on the 22nd. So while I WANT a Wii, should I really get one right now? But then, if I DON’T get one right now, when will I get the chance again? I know I’m just trying to logically talk myself out of this, because I hate spending money, but it’s a Wii!

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