A New Project

Earlier in the month I posted about looking for a reading list type plug-in for WordPress, and finding Now Reading. I’ve since installed it, and finished customizing my library. I’m happy with how it looks (for now), and have decided that in an attempt to both read and write more, I’ll post my thoughts on books as I finish them. Not quite as ambitious as the “52 in 52” meme, where bloggers attempt to read & review a book a week, but a decent start, I think.

5 thoughts on “A New Project”

  1. hello

    your site looks great and now reading is excellent, I jus t discovered it recently.

    Can you please please tell me how you get your books to line up like that instead of the default way as I would like that too.
    I don’t know about coding but I can follow instructions 🙂

  2. thanks for replying. I guess I know you have to do ‘something’ to css to change it from being a vertical list but everything I tried (not being an expert) has failed. I might be getting my divs confused 🙁 lol I am spending more time trying to work this out than I am reading and writing about the books!

  3. Your blog is amazing, i first landed to another post but then get interested and thought, i will just look a little more arround to see what else i can find out about such stuff 🙂

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