Recently I’ve been on a photography kick. I’ve always liked photography – I took classes in high school and college, and had an old, fully manual, SLR for my high school photography class. I lost interest for a while, but am just starting to re-discover that interest.

In my rediscovery, I stumbled upon many websites on the subject of photography, and quite a few photoblogs. I really like the idea of a photoblog, and being able to categorize photos by subject type, rather than event. I even stumbled upon a nice photoblog host. It’s like a combination of LiveJournal and Flickr. My problem is – I have my WordPress blog, and my Gallery already. I’m not really interested in converting my blog into a photo-blog, despite the number of plug-ins that can easily convert a WordPress install into a photo-blog. And my gallery serves a purpose – I have photos arranged by event, mainly, so that friends and family can go find photos from events, should they desire. I could get an account at Animus3 and maintain that separately from my gallery, but I know myself too well; it might start out nice, but would become more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why I gave up on LJ; I have my WordPress blog, and didn’t see the point in maintaining 2 independent sites with the same content. What I need is a way to modify Gallery to provide a way to categorize photos by style, in addition to holding them in sub-albums arranged by event. I’ve already added a custom field to photos for “category” – I’m sure with Dynamic Albums in Gallery 2.2 I can work out a way to give visitors the option to browse the established albums, or browse dynamicly created albums, organized by category. Let’s see what happens.

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