So, who am I, anyway?

In case you hadn’t yet guessed, my name is Carrie. This is my personal blog, and I tend to write about whatever is on my mind at the time. While feedback is nice, mainly I write to help me clear my head and organize my thoughts. I’m a bit of a computer geek, so don’t be surprised if many of my ramblings have a technology focus.

At the moment my primary interest is digital photography. I took courses in film photography in junior high, high school and college; I loved taking pictures, but hated the expense and time involved in developing the film. In early 2006, I finally made the switch from film to digital – my first digital camera was a Canon Powershot A610. The A610 served me well, and when I upgraded to a DSLR, it became my husband’s camera. Currently I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT.

I also play video games, mainly on my Nintendo DS. I had an NES and Sega Genesis back in day, but switched to PC and handhelds during college. I’m still mostly a handheld gamer (my Nintendo DS goes with me everywhere in my purse), although we’ve got a few consoles; the Wii, and my husband’s old systems (SNES, GameCube, PS2 and Dreamcast).

Of course, I have non-computer interests, too. I cross-stitch, although anymore it’s mostly birth samplers for family. I taught myself to knit, mostly small things like scarves and mittens. I’m also trying to teach myself to crochet, so that I can make some cute little amigurumi animals.

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