A Blog of Many Colors

I am constantly amazed at how flexible WordPress is. Little over a year ago, I had only heard of WordPress, but had no real idea what it was. Then my husband started his blog, and I discovered it was like LiveJournal (which I had used for nearly 5 years), only better. Whereas LiveJournal was hosted, and locked you into a limited number of options, with WordPress you could host your own blog, and customize it however you saw fit. With a little CSS and PHP knowledge, you could change the whole look of your blog.

Even if WordPress was only used for blogs, it would still be worthwhile. After all, it’s free, highly customizable, easy to use, and can be hosted at your own domain. But with the large community of WordPress users providing plug-ins, you can use WordPress for more than just a blog. For example, at least 2 of the webcomics I read, Applegeeks and PvP, use WordPress to publish their comics. Using the YAPB plug-in, you can easily convert WordPress into a photoblog, allowing both photo posts and regular text posts. However you want to use WordPress, someone before you has probably already thought of it, and built a plug-in to do what you want. That freedom is what I like about WordPress; no matter what you want to do, you can probably manage it with WordPress.


Recently I’ve been on a photography kick. I’ve always liked photography – I took classes in high school and college, and had an old, fully manual, SLR for my high school photography class. I lost interest for a while, but am just starting to re-discover that interest.

In my rediscovery, I stumbled upon many websites on the subject of photography, and quite a few photoblogs. I really like the idea of a photoblog, and being able to categorize photos by subject type, rather than event. I even stumbled upon a nice photoblog host. It’s like a combination of LiveJournal and Flickr. My problem is – I have my WordPress blog, and my Gallery already. I’m not really interested in converting my blog into a photo-blog, despite the number of plug-ins that can easily convert a WordPress install into a photo-blog. And my gallery serves a purpose – I have photos arranged by event, mainly, so that friends and family can go find photos from events, should they desire. I could get an account at Animus3 and maintain that separately from my gallery, but I know myself too well; it might start out nice, but would become more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why I gave up on LJ; I have my WordPress blog, and didn’t see the point in maintaining 2 independent sites with the same content. What I need is a way to modify Gallery to provide a way to categorize photos by style, in addition to holding them in sub-albums arranged by event. I’ve already added a custom field to photos for “category” – I’m sure with Dynamic Albums in Gallery 2.2 I can work out a way to give visitors the option to browse the established albums, or browse dynamicly created albums, organized by category. Let’s see what happens.