Not Enough Hours in the Day

Ever have one of those days when you just have nothing to do? Or in my case, I have so many different things that I SHOULD be doing, that I can’t decide what to do, and end up doing nothing of value. I have so many projects in various states of completeness; too many, really. The current list stands as such (in order of priority);

  • Cross stitch birth sampler for my niece (who just turned 3)
  • Tag and organize the backlog of digital photos (currently I’m up to December of 2007)
  • Prepare for sister-in-law’s June wedding (I’m the photographer)
  • Update the online photo gallery, investigate other software options
  • Create digital address book (plans for software to generate reports and Christmas card labels)
  • Convert recipes to digital, add recently tested recipes
  • Work on (blog up, but no content)
  • Knit baby blanket (also for my niece)

Of course, there are other projects to be added to the list. Once I finish Laurel’s birth sampler, I need to see about making a Peter Rabbit birth sampler for Marin. After I get all my photos tagged and organized, I was thinking about starting a photoblog, to give myself a reason to practice. I’d like to have my consolidated address book ready to go by this fall, so the mail merge labels are ready for Christmas cards.

Another project that has been floating around in the back of my mind has been a recipe blog. Once I get my recipes typed up into MasterCook, a cooking blog wouldn’t be too difficult. Each recipe would become a post; categories would be for recipe classification – beverages, cookies, breads, desserts, main dishes, etc. The tags could be used for ingredients, or perhaps other criteria (Bread Machine, Crock Pot, ethnicity of the dish, etc.). Of course, if the full text of the recipe is in the body of the post, you wouldn’t NEED ingredients as tags – you could simply search the blog to find a recipe that used buttermilk, for example. Pictures to accompany the recipe would be nice, too. Matt had a suggestion to rate the recipes on various criteria, as well; difficulty, tastiness, and how well it reheats. I do like the idea of giving some honest opinions on how a recipe keeps or reheats – some recipes are great, but don’t reheat terribly well in the microwave. And with any luck, I may have some friends willing to contribute to a recipe blog, so I wouldn’t bear the full weight of upkeep and posting.

My New Weakness…

I’ve determined I have a new weakness. It’s not for video games, although I do have a weakness for puzzle games. No, since about last July, I’ve had a weakness for cookbooks. Last summer, I bought myself a cookie cookbook and a chicken cookbook. Since then, I’ve received 2 slow cooker cookbooks as Christmas presents, and have bought 3 more cookbooks for myself. I don’t really know what the compulsion is, but in stores I almost always find myself drawn to the cookbooks. I crack one open, and immediately start classifying the recipes; “disgusting, maybe, oooooooh that sounds yummy.” I seem to have an eye for picking out the cookbooks, as well; thus far, I don’t think I’ve made anything I wouldn’t eat again, which is really the test of how good a recipe is. And it hasn’t helped that now I have MasterCook, basically a digital recipe box; merging my computer geekiness with my cooking nerd, now I can manage them all on my computer, and search, and… this shouldn’t be that fascinating, and yet it is. Never in a million years did I think I would buy a cookbook before a video game, but I still haven’t bought myself Final Fantasy 3 for the DS. Cookbooks are insidious, though; I feel guilty buying a $35 video game, but a $6-$10 cookbook is fine. And of course, Matt isn’t going to tell me to stop buying cookbooks, because he benefits. Oh well. So, if anyone out there wants some recipes, you know who to talk to.