Dinner & a Movie

Today was opening day for TMNT, so of course Matt & I had to go. I enjoyed it terribly! I would have enjoyed it a bit more, and maybe been a touch less self-conscious, had we not been practically the only adults in the theater NOT accompanied by a slew of small children. I only wish I was joking. I was expecting SOME children – it was the first night show (6:45pm) on a Friday night after all. I was not prepared for the large groups of children, going all the way down to toddlers. And the large group of children that sat RIGHT next to us, not even giving us the unspoken one seat buffer. It’s not like space was tight – it was a good showing, but nowhere near a full house.

But I digress. The movie was very good – not terribly campy like the old cartoon was, but there was a bit of silliness thrown in at spots to lighten the mood. It was a bit dark at times – much darker than I was expecting a PG movie to go. The inevitable clash between Leonardo and Raphael was really the one dark point, and was handled very well; it was similar to the original comic books in that respect. Establishing the characterizations and personalities of the turtles was done remarkably well; far better than any of the live action films, I think. The image of Donatello wearing a headset and doing phone tech support was hilarious, and fitting.

There were a few plot holes, but in a movie about giant ninja turtles, that’s a given, isn’t it? Honestly, the most glaring plot hole to me was either continuity, or the script writer’s inability to count. I’ll try to be a bit vague and not give anything away, but if you’re paranoid, you might want to just skip down to the next paragraph. At any rate, at one point in the film, they establish that 12 of the 13 monsters have been caught, and that they won’t catch the real 13th monster. A scene or two later, Raphael is shown fighting a monster, so it must be the as yet not captured 13th monster. They catch a dummy 13th monster, and then show all the monsters in their cages, including the monster Raphael was fighting after they established that they’d caught 12. So what gives? Can they not count? Did I miss something?

After the movie we were hungry, so we walked over to Uno Chicago Grill, as I’d never been there. Very tasty – reminded me of Applebee’s, but with less crap on the walls, and more of a pizza twist. I had the Rattlesnake Pasta, which was quite good; basically Chicken Alfredo, but with penne and a spicy Alfredo sauce. I was preparing myself for something a bit more spicy, but still good. I’ll definitely go there again.